Generally, the plot has tremendous potential in developing it for exclusive and up-market resorts, the size of which are purely dependent on the specific projects in mind, whether of Greek origin like in Mykonos and Santorini or international resorts like Aman. However, the below two prospective possibilities are presented as obtained and approved through the National Tourist Ministry of Greece, which undoubtedly can be amended according to personal investor preferences. 

Property Potential - Case 1:

Hotel, with  total area 32.800 m2 (In accordance to the Building Regulation)

• Hotel Premises 4* or 5* stars, 300 to 1300 beds, in hotel rooms and suites with private

swimming pools, bungalows and villas.

• Spa & Fitness Center facilities (Hydrotherapy, Massage, Gym, etc.)

• Conference Center.

• Other facilities.

Property Potential - Case 2:

Mixed use resorts with total area of 8200 m2 to consist of :

• 5000 m2 in hotel premises (with private swimming pools, bungalows and villas) 

• 3200 m2 in private residences of a 100 m2 at minimum building area

(In accordance to the Building Regulation)

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